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Show My Veggies

Childrens Basket Section - CHB

Entry is open to children through the age of 13THERE IS NO FEE for Children to enter.


All Exhibits are to be the work of the child entering and assembled at home and brought into the fair on Friday, August 6th (4pm to 8pm) or Saturday, August 7th (7am to 10am)

The Children's Class for Vegetable and Herbs entries are found in   Section CHI

Class numbers and descriptions

Veggie Sculptures (classes 1 & 2)

Let your imagination grow wild and construct a sculpture using all vegetable components must contain at least 3 different vegetables.

So, get your creative hat on;  Make a sculpture with potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, onions, eggplant, garlic, cucumbers, or any other vegetable, fruit or herb needed to complete your veggie creature.

  1. Veggie Sculpture (up to age 6)
  2. Veggie Sculpture (ages 7-13)
  3. Market Basket Children - NEW for 2024 - Your choice of what is bountiful in the garden and ready for dinner.
    Display what is ready from the garden to bring to your plate with at least 3 or more different varieties of vegetables, attractively displayed in any sized basket.
    This exhibit should include a card indicating what vegetables are included in your exhibit.

Premiums for CHB

Excellent    $3.00 + blue ribbon
Very Good     $2.00 + red ribbon  
Good $1.00 + yellow ribbon
Best in Show for each CHB class additional $5.00 + Rosette