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Culinary Herb Section - HER

The following rules pertain specifically to the herb classes:

  • Must be in a clean glass jar with no accessories. Bottles/Jars are provided.
  • Three stems constitute one exhibit unless specified otherwise.
  • Herbs are to be a minimum of 3” and a maximum of 12” in height
    except for Bergamot (Bee Balm) – maximum height 18” and
    Dill -maximum height up to 24”
  • With the exceptions of bergamot, dill, and lavender, there should be no open flowers on herbs; flower buds are ok.
  • Herbs will be deemed culinary or not culinary at the judge’s discretion. Any disputes will be referred to online herb references available. If any reference notes “that the variety is not a culinary herb”, the entry will be disqualified.

Class numbers and descriptions

  1. Basil, sweet green
  2. Basil, any other
  3. Bergamot (Bee Balm) * may have open flowers – maximum height up to 18
  4. Catnip (no Catmint aka flowering nepetas)
  5. Chives – 8 – 12 stems - stems may have more than 1 leaf
  6. Dill – 3 seed heads) * may have open flowers - maximum height up to 24”
  7. Lavender * may have open flowers
  8. Lemon Balm
  9. Marjoram or Oregano
  10. Mint, green types (spearmints, peppermints, etc)
  11. Mint, citrus/fruit varieties
  12. Mint, other types
  13. Parsley, curly leaf
  14. Parsley, flat leaf
  15. Rosemary
  16. Sage – perennial (no Russian Sage)
  17. Thyme – 8 – 12 stems
  18. Other Culinary Herb – any culinary herb for which no class is listed, up to 10 entries per exhibitor. No strictly medicinal or poisonous herbs. Class items from prior years such as French Tarragon & Tropical Sage should be entered in this class.
  19. Herb Bouquets - bouquet consisting of 3-5 culinary varieties listed above. Any height accepted. All herbs in this class may be flowering. Each variety should be an exhibit of 3 stems or as listed above. Jars will be provided.

Premiums for HER

Excellent    $3.00 + blue ribbon
Very Good     $2.00 + red ribbon  
Goodyellow ribbon
Best in Show for each HER class additional $1.00 + Rosette
Grand Champion HER exhibitor $10.00 + Rosette