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Show My Veggies

Vegetable Section - VEG

Best in Class, Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon or Yellow Ribbon, we should learn from exhibiting and accept the challenge to improve future exhibits. Here are a few tips.

  • Follow the Rules for Best Results
  • All exhibits must be grown & selected by the exhibitor
  • One exhibit per variety of vegetables is permitted. You may enter more than one variety in a Class. Please list the variety name on the entry form.Add Content/Layouts
  • Examples of entering a number of different varieties in a Class:
  • Tomatoes: Better Boy, Mountain Fresh, Celebrity - would be 3 different entries in the same class
  • Hot Peppers: Czech Black, Chili, Chinese 5 Color, Habanero would be 4 different entries in the same class
  • All specimens displayed must be wiped clean but not washed
  • Vegetables should be of uniform size, shape & maturity and must be in the number specified for each class. If a class calls for 3 specimens, 3 specimens must be displayed
  • Cherry, plum and cluster-type tomatoes must be on stem and displayed with 3 clusters; all other tomatoes must have stem
  • Tops of root crops must be trimmed to approximately 1”

Class numbers and descriptions

  1. Beans, snap – bush or pole, any color – 10 pods constitute one exhibit.
  2. Beets – 3 roots, tops trimmed to approximately 1"
  3. Carrots – 3 roots, tops trimmed to approximately 1"
  4. Sweet Corn – 3 ears, with window approximately 1" x 1 ½ " cut through husk so that kernels are visible.
  5. Cucumber, slicing – 3 specimens
  6. Cucumbers, pickles – 6 specimens
  7. Eggplant – 1 specimen
  8. Kale and/or Swiss Chard – 5 leaves, see rule # 17
  9. Onions–3 bulbs, not peeled, tops trimmed to approximately 1"
  10. Peppers, sweet, any color – 3 specimens
  11. Peppers, hot, any color – 3 specimens
  12. Peppers, frying, any color – 3 specimens
  13. Potatoes, any color – 3 specimens
  14. Summer Squash, yellow, straightneck, crookneck  or yellow zucchini – 1 specimen
  15. Summer Squash, zucchini (green) – 1 specimen
  16. Winter Squash (includes acorn, buttercup, butternut, Hubbard, spaghetti or other winter varieties) – 1 specimen
  17. Tomatoes, standard round varieties– 3 specimens, see rule # 19
  18. Tomatoes, beefsteak type – 3 specimens, see rule # 19
  19. Tomatoes, cherry – 3 clusters, see rule #19
  20. Tomatoes, plum – may be entered  as 3 clusters OR 3 individual specimens -  see rule #19
  21. Tomatoes, cluster type – 3 clusters, see rule #19 (cluster “on vine” type tomatoes that are not typically a cherry or plum type) Examples: Early Cascade, Garden Peach, Cluster Goliath or any type of tomato displayed on a cluster (minimum 3 tomatoes/cluster & 3 clusters must be submitted).
  22. Heirloom Tomatoes, any type – 3 clusters of cherry, plum or cluster type varieties, 3 specimens of other types, see rules 19, 21 & 22.
  23. Other Vegetable –any named variety except for herbs, for which no class is listed. Vegetables only for this class. Please be specific on your entry the name/variety of your entry (Examples: Rhubarb, Turnip, Leeks, Peas). Class items from prior years such are gourds, shallots, patty pan squash and heirloom vegetables should be entered in this class. For larger vegetables such as squash or melons (1 specimen), Others (3 specimens), Smaller vegetables such as peas (10 specimens).
  24. Other Fruit  – Fruit entries will be in their own category this year. Exhibit your homegrown fruit (all types of berries, grapes, peaches, pears, apples) Apples, Pears or Peaches (3 specimens); All Berries (10 specimens) and  Grapes (1) Grape Cluster.
  25. Most Unusual – show off a vegetable oddity and give it a creative name or caption on which to be judged.
    1. Show us your GIANTS - Think you grow the biggest produce on the block - then show it off!!!! Entries in the following categories: 1 specimen is considered an entry - you may enter one specimen in any or all off these subcategories.
      All entries in this class will be judged by weight NOT size. 
      Limited To the following 6 vegetables:
      Giant Tomato Giant Pepper
      Giant Cucumber Giant Pumpkin
      Giant Onion Giant Potato

Premiums for VEG

Excellent    $3.00 + blue ribbon
Very Good     $2.00 + red ribbon  
Good yellow ribbon
Best in Show for each VEG class additional $1.00 + Rosette
Grand Champion VEG Exhibitor $10.00 + Rosette
Beverly Post Memorial AwardVEG Section only - $10.00 & rosette to top three exhibitors receiving the most excellents