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Show My Veggies

Childrens Basket Section - CHB

Entry is open to children through the age of 13THERE IS NO FEE for Children to enter.


All Exhibits are to be the work of the child entering and assembled at home and brought into the fair on Friday, August 3rd (4pm to 8pm) or Saturday, August 4th (8am to 11am)

Exhibitors are limited to entering 1 entry per class in this section. CHB 1 - 4.

You may enter into each class (class 1 & 2 are age related)

The Children's Class for Vegetable and Herbs entries are found in   Section CHI

Class numbers and descriptions

  • Veggie Sculptures (classes 1 & 2) let your imagination grow wild and construct a sculpture using all vegetable components must contain at least 3 different vegetables. So, get your creative hat on;  Make a sculpture with potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, onions, eggplant, garlic, cucumbers, or any other vegetable, fruit or herb needed to complete your veggie creature.
  1. Veggie Sculpture (up to age 6)
  2. Veggie Sculpture (ages 7-13)
  3. Children’s Herb Garden - Open to all children 13 and Under - 3 or more varieties of Culinary Herbs in a Strawberry Pot (No Plastic Pots Allowed). Include a saucer to allow us to easily water your herb garden during the fair.
  4. Children’s “Creative Container” Small Space Garden – 3 or more edible vegetable varieties, small fruit and/or herbs. Minimum of 3 varieties. Decoration & frills are allowed. We want to see unusual containers for this class. Think outside of the box; such as don’t use terracotta pots, barrels or boxes). Must be able to be carried by an adult or child.

Premiums for CHB

Excellent    $3.00 + blue ribbon
Very Good     $2.00 + red ribbon  
Good $1.00 + yellow ribbon
Best in Show for each CHB class additional $5.00 + Rosette